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The Opera House in Budapest is a must see during your Christmas holidays, or winter visit in Budapest, even if you are not an opera sort of visitor.

Christmas at Budapest Opera House

Christmas at Budapest Opera House

In late November, the Budapest Opera has its huge Christmas tree standing in its luxurious hall at the lavishly decorated main stairway.

Luckily the Hungarian Opera House is open even at Christmas, and throughout December. This makes the Opera House one of the best Hungarian Christmas gifts. Getting a ticket for the Christmas performances is not easy, so do book in advance via online.

Budapest Opera Christmas opening hours

Budapest Opera in December, 2018:

Dec 24, 2018: The Nutcracker Ballet
Dec 25, 2018: The Nutcracker, La Boheme
Dec 26, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 27, 2018: The Nutcracker, La Boheme
Dec 28, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 29, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 30, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 31, 2018: The Nutcracker, Die Fledermaus

Budapest Nutcracker Festival

  • free Christmas concerts in Budapest
  • Hot Drinks booth by the Budapest Opera
  • Christmas Installations of Nutcracker Ballet

More Concerts in Budapest:

Budapest Christmas Concerts
Budapest New Year Concerts

Hungarian Folk Shows are a mixture of folk dances and folk music. Lively shows to make your Budapest Christmas break more festive, though the dance choreographies themselves are not especially Christmassy (they are folk shows of traditional dances, beautiful clothes and nice music).

Hungarian folk show December

Hungarian folk show December

Further info, videos, ticket prices here: Hungarian Folk Dance Show

Instant booking in advance online here:

Booking Folk Show

It makes a nice Christmas gift for the whole family as the programs appeal to all ages.

Dates of Hungarian Folk Shows in December 2013

  • December 7, 2013: 8 pm Folk Show
  • December 26, 2013: special Christmas folk show on Boxing Day! 8 pm Folk Show
  • December 28, 2013: 8 pm Folk Show
  • December 29, 2013: 8 pm Folk Show

Hungarian Folk Packages in December

Cruises Budapest Christmas

Cruises Budapest Christmas – Steve Calcott Photography

Hungarian Folk Show tickets can be combined with a Christmassy cruise on the river Danube: Budapest Folk Show + Christmas Dinner cruise or Budapest Evening Cruise with 2 Drinks (we think it is a good deal for Dec 26):

Folk Show & Cruise: starting from €27.85 (2 Drinks) and €47.3 (Dinner & 2 Drinks)

Dates of Hungarian Folk Shows in December 2013 in case you are planning your 2013 Budapest Christmas

2013, December: 2, 26. 28. 29.

Hungarian Folk at Christmas

At the Budapest Christmas markets you will see lots of traditional Hungarian folk crafts along with recent designs of contemporary craftsmen. You can buy lovely little Christmas decors with Hungarian (folk) motifs or beautiful potteries and jewelries. Hungarian folk is in the limelight of Hungarian Christmases, which strive to preserve as much tradition as possible. Of course, outside the traditional Christmas markets you can get all sorts of commercial, international products (at shopping malls, or in fashion boutiques).

The Nutcracker Festival of the Budapest Opera House launches at the end of November or early December. There is a 30 meter majestic Christmas tree set up in front of the Hungarian State Opera House as well as a small wooden booth selling hot drinks in the afternoon. The Nutcracker Festival of the Budapest Opera will last until the end of December.

Nutcracker Festival Budapest Opera

Concerts by Budapest Opera

There are several open air concerts scheduled for the festival, which are free. In addition to the official chorus of the Budapest Opera, including its children’s choir, further 17 choirs (like the School Choir of St. Stephen’s High School, or the School Choir of the Bela Bartok Secondary School) lined up to perform Christmas concerts in front of the Budapest Opera House (until December 23).

Christmas at Budapest Opera

Christmas at Budapest Opera – Pal Csillag Photography

The choirs will sing in front of the theater, to the right of the word Sphinx statue.

The date of the official opening ceremony of the Budapest Nutcracker Festival changes from year to year. Please check on the site of the Opera House the exact date this year.

Hot Drink Booth by the Opera

In the elegant and stage prop like Christmas Booth of the Budapest Nutcracker Festival you can buy mulled wines, or hot tea. This is a charity booth. Besides the hot drinks, you can buy little gifts from Russia and France, the two outstanding countries of ballet. All the proceedings of the charity booth will be given to the Ecumenical Organization (Ökumenikus Segélyszervezet) to help families and children living in poverty and need.

The Nutcracker ballet has been performed in the Budapest Opera House for over 60 years now with great success, and international acclaim.


7 Nutcracker Installations by the Budapest Opera


Budapest Nutcracker Festival Installations

Budapest Nutcracker Festival Installations – source:

On Karoly korut (Karoly ring road) and by the Opera House you can see special installations. Old style cylindrical news posts turned into artsy displays: the decade old props and figures of the Nutcracker shows of past years have been included in the transparent posts to call attention to the Nutcracker Festival, like the Mouse King, the Nutcracker, the Ballerina, Drosselmayer, etc.

On some evenings of December , at the open air Christmas concert (dubbed the Kiskaracsony or Little Christmas concert) more than 1,600 people with disabilities have been invited to participate in the Budapest Christmas festivities and the Nutcracker Festival of the Hungarian State Opera House.

The concerts of the Nutcracker Festival are around 6 pm, and from 5 to 6pm, you can buy your hot drinks from some of the singers, artists and ballet dancers of the Opera House.

Vienna New Year Concerts can surely make your Budapest Christmas or Budapest New Year break even more festive. Once in Budapest why not take a look around in the Austrian capital? 2 hours by car, 3 hours by train to travel conveniently for a one day trip to Wien from Budapest.

Vienna Christmas Concerts Austria

Vienna Christmas Concerts Austria

While Budapest has several fantastic programs for the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you may wish to spend this splendid day in the classy city of Vienna.

If you should be on a Vienna, Prague, Budapest tour, or just wish to pop over to Vienna for Jan 1 from Budapest (the train ride is only 3 hours), here are some of the amazing Vienna Concerts in December & January.

The world famous City of Music offers a wide range of popular classical music concerts.

Pick a stylish location in Vienna to celebrate Christmas or New Year a few hour’s away from Budapest: well worth a one day trip!

  • Volksoper Vienna: Folk Opera House in Vienna
  • Imperialsaal Vienna: Concerts in the Vienna Imperial Hall – Haus am Beethoven Platz
  • Orangerie Schonbrunn: Concerts in the Schonbrunn Palace Orangery in Vienna
  • Wiener Hofburg: Concerts in the Imperial Palace in Vienna
  • Wiener Rathaus: Concerts and Gala in Vienna Townhall
  • Wiener Kammeroper: Concerts in the Chamber Opera in Vienna
  • Mozarthaus Sala Terrena: Concerts in Mozart’s House in Vienna
  • Church Concerts in Vienna in Stephansdom, Peterskirche, Annakirche, Maltesekirche, Minoritenkirche, Karlskirche
  • Wiener Kursalon, etc.
Vienna New Year Concerts

Vienna New Year Concerts

For another trip, you may also consider other Austrian destinations, like Salzburg

  • Alte Residenz Salzburg
  • Palace Salzburg
  • Schloss Mirabell: Mirabell Palace in Salzburg

Budapest Christmas Concerts at St Anne’s Church for the fans of classical music in a century old amazing Italian baroque church. In 2012 you can enjoy an organ concert with cello, violin and vocals.

Budapest St Anne's Church

Budapest St Anne’s Church – Pedro Szekely Photography

7:30 pm December 22, 2012 (before the Budapest Christmas Eve Concerts)
7:30 pm December 29, 2012 (see more Budapest New Year concerts)
Venue: Church of St Anne (St Anna Templom), Budapest, District I, on Batthyany Square
Getting there: M2 red metro line, get off at Batthyany Square (Batthyany ter) metro station. This square is on the Buda side, right opposite the famous Hungarian Parliament building (Pest side riverfront)

Christmas Concert Program 2012

  • Bach, Johann Sebastian: selected works
  • Händel, Georg Friedrich: selected works
  • Cherubini, Luigi: selected works
  • Gounod, Charles: selected works
  • Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix: selected works

Festive works by Bach, Händel, Cherubini, Gounod, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, Bizet, Widor and Vierne will be performed at the beautiful baroque Church of St Anne in Budapest, Hungary.

Performing artists:

  • Miklós Szenthelyi, Kossuth Prize-winning violinist
  • Judit Faludi, Liszt Prize-winning cellist
  • Barnabás Balasi, organ
  • Dániel Vadász, Mónika Fischl, vocals

Tickets for the Christmas Concert at St Anne’s Church Budapest

Prices range from cheaper concert tickets to more expensive VIP tickets

  • Category 2 tickets: Euro 23.25
  • Category 1 tickets: Euro: 50.22

While St Anne Church is not amongst the top Budapest attractions, it is definitely a hidden gem in Budapest on the Buda side, at the foot of the Buda Castle Hill.

Church of St Anne Budapest

Church of St Anne Budapest – Pedro Szekely Photography

You can listen to Barnabas Balasi improvising on the organ of the St Anne’s Church in Budapest. He is also showing some of the effects that can be made with the organ. Most importantly, we love the acoustics. How about you?