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Nutcracker Puppet Show in the National Puppet Theater in Budapest: officially called the ‘Budapest Puppet Theater’ but it is a national institution with many of the best puppet performances in Hungary. The Nutcracker puppet show is a Christmas tradition, and has been running for many decades with great success. To boot, the ticket prices are ridiculously low for a foreign family (HUF 1,300 per ticket), so it is one of the best deals you can get at Xmas in Budapest if you are visiting the city with children in winter. Besides the Nutcracker, there are several more puppet shows running all through November, December and January, so do check the event calendar of the Puppet Theater for more shows, and details.

Nutcracker Puppet Show in Budapest Puppet Theater

Nutcracker Puppet Show in Budapest Puppet Theater

Venue: Puppet Theater (Budapest Bábszínház) at 69 Andrassy Avenue, Budapest, District VI (post code: 1062, Andrássy út 69.)

Dates of the Nutcracker Puppet Show

Friday, December 1 2017 10:00
Tuesday, December 12 2017 10:00 and 15:00
Wednesday, December 13 2017 10:00 and 15:00
Sunday, December 24 2017 10:30 and 14:00
Monday, December 25 2017 10:30

There will be puppet shows on Dec 26 too, although not the Nutcracker. The shows are in Hungarian language, which may not bother your little one at all, so it might be worth giving a try:
December 26
10:30 am Misi Mokus vandoruton at Budapest Bábszínház – Színházterem

Tickets to the Nutcracker Puppet Show

Tickets can be purchased online or on the premises at the Budapest Puppet Theater on Andrassy Avenue. You can book your tickets in advance for the puppet show online. The official ticket vendor of the Budapest Puppet Theater is



The Budapest Basilica Christmas Market only launched in 2011, but in 2012 the fantastic Advent fair and Christmas market is making a spectacular return in 2012. The fair is not to be missed, and it is conveniently located in the city center!

Budapest Christmas Market 2012 Basilica

Budapest Christmas Market 2012 Basilica

You don’t have to be a gift hunter for traditional Hungarian Christmas gifts to fully enjoy the wonderful Christmas market atmosphere right in front of the biggest cathedral of Budapest, the 96 meter tall St Stephen’s Basilica.

Just take a mug of mulled wine, roasted chestnut, grab some warm, juicy and hearty street foods (well beyond sausages), and enjoy the winter festival of Budapest: Budapest Christmas!

Similarly to the displays on the nearby –  and more famous – Budapest Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square, the items for sale are beautiful handcrafted, high quality goods, which can make a perfect souvenir or special Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Budapest Christmas Market 2012 by the Basilica

Events and Programs on the St Stephen’s Square (Szent Istvan ter):

Opening Hours of the 2012 Basilica Christmas Market

Location of Budapest Basilica Christmas Market

Location of Budapest Basilica Christmas Market

December 1, 2012 – January 1, 2013:

  • Monday – Thursday: 11:30am – 8:00pm
  • Friday: 11:30am – 10:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
  • Sunday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
  • 24 December, 2012: 10:00am – 2:00pm
  • 25 December: Closed
  • 26 December: Closed

Light Ray Painting on the Basilica in Budapest

from December 1 to January 1, 2012:

at half past 5 from Monday to Sunday, every day (exceptions below!) festive lights are projected on the walls of the St Istvan Basilica with accompanying melodies. Be there on the Christmas market at 5:30 and enjoy the Christmas sights.

There will be no light painting on the following days (when the market is temporarily closed for the Christmas holidays):

  • 24 December, 2012: 10:00am – 2:00pm
  • 25 December: Closed
  • 26 December: Closed

Gourmet Weekends at the Basilica Christmas Market 2012

Food & Drinks Programs at the Xmas Fair of Szent István Bazilika:

December 14., Friday, 12:00:
Tamás Bereznay – Pumpkin fried with ham, mush samp and beetroot salad dressed with goat cheese

December 14., Friday, 04:00 pm:
Tamás Bereznay – Roast duck with red cabbage and apple stewed with thyme

December 15., Saturday, 11:00 am:
Dóra Havas – Home made Christmas candies and other sweets

December 15., Saturday, 04:00 pm:
Eszter Horváth – Christmas muffins, crèmes, hot chocolate

December 16., Sunday, 05:00 pm:
Zsolt Serényi – Christmas menu

Shows and Performances at the Basilica Christmas Fair 2012


Birds at the Basilica Xmas market in Budapest

Birds at the Basilica Xmas market in Budapest

Flags or Birds? What are these flying dancers with poles and huge sheets of silky sheets? A special performance at the Budapest Basilica Christmas show is the “angel dance” of Middle-East origin. It has great traditions in many European countries too, but it is new to Hungary. The dancers have huge wings on sticks and with the colorful swirling of them they can tell you beautiful stories. They put you in a special mood merging components of classical ballet and that of belly dance. The impact is similar to the show of “flag throwers”.

Juggler Play House

Children and adults can test their reflexes, adroitness, endurance and balancing skills. Many juggler tools are presented to the visitors like simple balls, maces, poi, devil’s stick, long stick, yo-yo, diablo or contact ball. These tools, exercises and techniques can develop the general movement coordination, sense of balance and physical condition not even to mention the joy of playing and experience of success.

Skate Rink by the Budapest Basilica

Skate Rink by Budapest Basilica

Skate Rink by Budapest Basilica

Skating rink in the heart of the city? In front of the Cathedral? On a Christmas fair? You are right. Budapest is a unique place with unique ideas. And why not? On weekends from Friday to Sunday children under 14 years old can skate free of charge.

Trainers will help and teach your little ones how to skate.

No skates with you? You can rent them on the spot (rental fee is charged).

Is it an ice rink? Sort of artificial ice rink? Yes and no. The skating rink resembles the ice rinks, but is made of a special plastic (the SummericeTM is a US made plastic skate surface that does not need cooling)

Fresh Photos from the 2012 Budapest Christmas Market near St Istvan Basilica:

Ildiko Kardos Photography:

Santa Clause painted with ray lights on the walls of the St Stephen’s Cathedral, Budapest:

St Stephen's Cathedral, Budapest Christmas

St Stephen’s Cathedral, Budapest Christmas – Ildiko Kardos Photography

Budapest Christmas Szent Istvan Bazilika 2012

Szt Istvan Bazilika Christmas, Budapest 2012

Szt Istvan Bazilika Christmas, Budapest 2012 – Ildiko Kardos Photography

Active Aging Charity Program

Society of Respect presents active elderly at the Christmas market in Budapest at the St Stephen Basilica. After all, 2012 is the year of “active aging” and the solidarity among generations in Europe. In this spirit Hungarian pensioners over the age of 60 show us how it is possible to live an active life in an elderly age. Please donate: the incoming donations are forwarded to Árpád Ódry Home of Artists that helps elder people.

November 30, 2012 – Ilona Bartis and – Márta Bedőné Kovács (60) painters
December 1-2, 2012 – Ilona Bartis and – Márta Bedőné Kovács (60) painters
December 3, 2012 – Ilona Béresi (74) clay sculptor painter
December 4., 2012 – Antalné Bellényi (79) needlework
December 5., 2012 – Ilona Rómer (64) landscape painter
December 6. – Erzsi Mohácsi (94) doll maker
December 7-8., 2012 – Györgyné Fanta (67) dolls and embroidery from Kalocsa
December 9-10., 2012 – Gyula Nyári (65) photographer
December 11., 2012 – Erzsi Mohácsi (94) doll maker
December 12-13, 2012 – Zsigmondné Zsurka (63) pearls and flowers
December 14., 2012 – Kamilla Villányi Kockásné (63) patchwork and pearl maker
December 15., 2012 – Gábor Szalka ceramist
December 16. – Ferenc Markovics (78) photographer
December 17-18-19., 2012 – Juilanna Nábrádi (74) glass painter
December 20., 2012 – Márta Dósa (62) silk painter
December 21., 2012 – Veronika N. Simon (65) painter
December 22 -23-24., 2012 – Tünde Gulyásné Tokaji (61) paper miller
December 27-28-29-30., 2012 – paintings of Lászlóné Bilcsik, László Buhnényi, Tamás Márk, Gábor Tóth, Zoltán Bende, Katalin Csomós
December 31., 2012 – Exhibition of new year’s eve piglets, petting piglets that bring good luck.

St Stephen Square Budapest

St Stephen Square Budapest in December

Also the children can enjoy an unequalled experience in the wooden hut of Society of Respect after 5 pm every day because they can encounter with Santa Claus personally!

Budapest is a multicultural city with many thousands of Jewish residents who will celebrate Hanukkah in Budapest. Don’t be surprised that you can also try Raj Rachel’s gorgeous Flodni at the Advent Market. Do try this rich Jewish cake at the market. And give Palinka a chance to heat you up a bit, a tiny bit on the chilly days. The best fruit palinkas will be sold at the market, so here is a chance to test the Hungarian spirit (carefully, its alcohol content is very high).

Budapest Christmas Light Painting / Building Mapping on the St Istvan Cathedral:

The 2013 Budapest Christmas market dates have not been finalized yet, but will be around the same time as the fair in 2012 (from Nov 30 to Jan 1)

Hungarian Folk Shows are a mixture of folk dances and folk music. Lively shows to make your Budapest Christmas break more festive, though the dance choreographies themselves are not especially Christmassy (they are folk shows of traditional dances, beautiful clothes and nice music).

Hungarian folk show December

Hungarian folk show December

Further info, videos, ticket prices here: Hungarian Folk Dance Show

Instant booking in advance online here:

Booking Folk Show

It makes a nice Christmas gift for the whole family as the programs appeal to all ages.

Dates of Hungarian Folk Shows in December 2013

  • December 7, 2013: 8 pm Folk Show
  • December 26, 2013: special Christmas folk show on Boxing Day! 8 pm Folk Show
  • December 28, 2013: 8 pm Folk Show
  • December 29, 2013: 8 pm Folk Show

Hungarian Folk Packages in December

Cruises Budapest Christmas

Cruises Budapest Christmas – Steve Calcott Photography

Hungarian Folk Show tickets can be combined with a Christmassy cruise on the river Danube: Budapest Folk Show + Christmas Dinner cruise or Budapest Evening Cruise with 2 Drinks (we think it is a good deal for Dec 26):

Folk Show & Cruise: starting from €27.85 (2 Drinks) and €47.3 (Dinner & 2 Drinks)

Dates of Hungarian Folk Shows in December 2013 in case you are planning your 2013 Budapest Christmas

2013, December: 2, 26. 28. 29.

Hungarian Folk at Christmas

At the Budapest Christmas markets you will see lots of traditional Hungarian folk crafts along with recent designs of contemporary craftsmen. You can buy lovely little Christmas decors with Hungarian (folk) motifs or beautiful potteries and jewelries. Hungarian folk is in the limelight of Hungarian Christmases, which strive to preserve as much tradition as possible. Of course, outside the traditional Christmas markets you can get all sorts of commercial, international products (at shopping malls, or in fashion boutiques).

Budapest Disney on Ice replaced with Disney Live is a fantastic show for the kids, and even those parents who try to avoid Disney things and Disney culture to let their children taste more or see more will admit that the show is amazing and worth every Forint.

Budapest Disney Live

Budapest Disney Live

Well, Disney on Ice won’t make it in the Budapest Christmas 2012, but a few weeks later Disney Live with Mickey will in January 2013, very soon! Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Cinderella, Snow-white, Donald Duck, Princess Jasmin, etc. will step on the

Budapest Disney on Ice 2013

Date: between Jan 23 and 27, 2013
January 24 2013 at 6 pm
January 25 2013 at 6 pm
January 26 2013 at 2 pm and 6 pm
January 27 2013 at 2 pm and 6 pm

Venue: Budapest Congress Center

The Hungarian Opera House, which is also the home of the National Ballet Institute, will present its traditional Nutcracker ballet performances throughout December in its more contemporary building, the Erkel Theatre (the historical Opera House is going through architectural modernization works until 2019).

Nutcracker Ballet Budapest Opera

Nutcracker Ballet Budapest Opera

The spectacular ballet show is one of the highlights of classy Christmas holidays in Budapest. Not to be missed, if you love the most Christmasy ballet and story of all time.

Event: The Nutcracker – Tchaikovsky, Vainonen
Date: many days in November and December 2018, please see on the official website of the Opera House
Venue: Erkel Theater (the Opera House Budapest is under reconstruction until 2019)


This is a short Video of the Nutcracker Ballet at the Hungarian Opera House

Dates of the Nutcracker Ballet Show in Budapest

The Nutcracker is so popular amongst locals and foreign tourists alike, that it rules the stage of the Opera House in December. Definitely one of the best things to do in Advent in Budapest! The performances start at 7 pm and finish at 9:45 pm on weekdays, while at weekends and on public holidays, the Nutcracker show starts at 11 am, and ends at 1:45 pm (but there are some evening performances on certain Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 6pm, so please check on the website of the opera house)


Photos of the Nutcracker Ballet Show in Budapest

Story of Nutcracker

What is the story of the Nutcracker Ballet? What makes it a Christmas ballet?

The story of the Nutcracker is about a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince. The story focuses on the battle against a frightening Mouse King who has 7 heads. The opening Party Scene is actually Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum house where the Stahlbaums are hosting their annual Christmas party. The children, Clara and Fritz, are happily dancing as they welcome their friends on Xmas Eve. The Christmas party is about merriment with music and dances. Then comes the turn,  Drosselmeyer, the toy maker godfather arrives. He is always full of surprises. This evening he presents two dolls, two life-size dolls. Drosselmeyer also gives his gifts to Clara and Fritz. Clara gets a beautiful Nutcracker gift, which everyone adores at the Christmas party, and as it would happen with children, Fritz gets so jealous that he forcefully grabs the nutcracker from Clara, and the Nutcracker gets broken. So does Clara’s heart.  But Drosselmeyer hastily repairs the Nutcracker with a handkerchief. When the guests are gone, Clara and Fritz are put into bed, but she sneaks back to the Christmas tree to check on the beautiful Nutcracker, then she falls asleep with him in her arms. At magical hour of midnight, just as the clock strikes 12 am, the world gets strange. Clara, just like Alice with her potions, begins to shrink, while the toys around the Christmas tree come to life. The room gets flooded with an army of mice, led by the fierce Mouse King. The Mouse King turns the room into a battle scene. His army is challenged by the army of toys, led by the Nutcracker himself. Alas, the Nutcracker cannot withstand the attack and is captured by the Mouse King. Here comes, Clara who wants to protect the Nutcracker and throws her slipper at the Mouse King. Bang! The Mouse King is hit, the Nutcracker is freed, and the army of mice retreat. As if kissed by Clara, the Nutcracker turns into a charming Prince. Clara, with her Prince takes a stroll in the enchanted Land of Snow, then they visit the (what else), The Land of Sweets where they meet the Sugar Plum Fairy who presents them a series of beautiful dances: Spanish, Arabia, Russian, Chinese, etc. The Nutcracker ballet reaches its zenith when the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier dance a beautiful Pas De Deux, which also ends Clara’s dream. Clara awakens, and realizes that all the battle and magic land was a dream. And she fondly hugs her beloved Nutcracker.

The dates of Budapest Christmas are published in autumn. Booking tickets in advance cannot be more than 2 months in advance, so just mark the days for in your calendar, and then book at the end of October, or in early November (depending how the online ticket system of the Budapest Opera House allows you).