Szechenyi Bath at Christmas

Szechenyi Bath at Christmas

Is Szechenyi Bath in Budapest open during the Christmas holidays? Can you visit the thermal pools and enjoy the outdoor facilities as seen in many winter photos of Szechenyi Baths? Yes, you can! In fact, the major thermal pools in Budapest baths are open even on religious and national holidays with weekend prices. Dec 30 in 2018 brings the New Year Spa Party in Szechenyi Baths!

Szechenyi Bath at Christmas

Szechenyi Bath at Christmas – photo by Leon de Nemea

Many Budapest travel guides say that Budapest is quiet or dead at Christmas, but this is not true any more.

Szechenyi Baths is open throughout the Christmas holiday, with the following opening hours (the hours were the same in the last few years, but the schedule of 2013 has not been confirmed by the bath yet):

Christmas opening hours 2018

  • Dec 24: opening hours from 6am to 2pm (all the facilities in Szechenyi Baths)
  • Dec 25: opening hours from 6am to 10pm (all 3 outdoor pools and most of the thermal section in Szechenyi Baths)
  • Dec 26: opening hours from 6am to 10pm (all 3 outdoor pools and most of the thermal section in Szechenyi Baths)
Szechenyi Baths Party Budapest NYE Sparty

Szechenyi Baths Party Budapest NYE Sparty

New Year Opening Hours 2018 / 2019

  • Dec 30: Bath Party from 10:30 pm: New Year’s Eve Party in Szechenyi Bath Budapest: the spectacular laser disco organized by Cinetrip is perhaps the best New Year’s Eve Party in Budapest.
  • Dec 31: open from 6 am to 6 pm. Book a massage for the last day of the year (from , soak in the baths, and enjoy some amazing days of your life in Budapest
  • Jan 31: Szechenyi bath is open from 10 pm to 6 pm. Visiting Szechenyi Bath is a popular way to get over the New Year’s Eve party symptoms, so you may wish to buy your ticket online

Deals at Szechenyi Medicinal Bath

Aroma Relax Massage Szechenyi Bath Budapest

Aroma Relax Massage Szechenyi Bath Budapest

The best massage deal for your winter holiday in Budapest: 20 min massage at Szechenyi Bath from 21 Euros. Booking in advance online is warmly recommended as available slots get quickly filled up.

The massage therapists of Szechenyi Thermal Bath have a medicinal massage certificate and many years of experience – over 1 million guests at the Szechenyi Bath each year…. They are the cheapest masseuses in the thermal bath complex, which also features other private massage salons whose prices are higher than the Szechenyi Medicinal Bath massage services (also serving patients referred to the bath by Hungarian doctors, yes, on prescription).

More info about Szechenyi Bath, tickets, massages, towel rental, swim wear rental, pedicure, etc.: Szechenyi Baths Christmas opening hours

Szechenyi Bath in Winter – Open Steaming Outdoor Pools

The following video has been made by a tourist visiting Szechenyi Medicinal Bath late November (temperature outside: 4 degrees Celsius = 40 degrees Fahrenheit). As you can see the bath is quite popular, yes, even in winter time and on the holidays in December (Christmas and New Year too!):


Thank you very much, this is the info I was looking up about Szechenyi Bath! We are going to take a hot bath as one friend told us last year they went there and it was so nice. Like in a cool love film.


You are welcome, Agatha. Make sure you either take a nice fluffy towel with you (usually hotels let you take them to the bath) or a bath gown as going to the pools from the building can take about 8 seconds, which can feel chilly in November, December and generally in the winter months (Jan and Feb are also quite cold). It is fun to rush into the warm pools of Szechenyi Baths, and get back into it after a snow ball fight (if there is snow, which often happens in December), but it is better to have something warm with you while outside of the thermal warm pools (which are naturally warm all year round, including the winter months)

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