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Santa Claus in Budapest Railway Museum

Santa Claus Train? Yes, another great train program to welcome Santa Claus with the kids, this time in the Hungarian Railway Museum, one of the best museums with children (and train enthusiasts!) in Budapest. Event dates: Dec 7, Dec 8 and Dec 9 in 2018 (early December weekend)

Santa Claus in Budapest Railway Museum

Santa Claus in Budapest Railway Museum

Santa Claus Express Train – Father Christmas is Coming to Town! Right to the cool Train History Park of Hungary.
All Abourd the Santa Claus train in Budapest, Hungary!

Santa Claus Show in Budapest Train Museum

Santa Claus Show in Budapest Train Museum

The steam engine express train will take the children and parents from Nyugati Train Station to the Railway Museum in Budapest. The Orient Hall of the Train Museum turns into a festive party and stage to warmly welcome Santa and his helpers who bring lots of goodies and gifts for the kids. There is usually a show, goodie bags from Santa, etc.
Booking the tickets for the Santa Claus train is from mid October
More info about the special children train, and booking tickets:

Magyar Vasúttörténeti Park (Address: 95 Tatai Way, District XIV, postcode 1142 / Budapest, Tatai út 95.)
Tel./fax: (06-1) 450-1497
Email and booking the Santa Claus train seats:

Santa is Coming to Budapest

Santa is Coming to Budapest

And if you should be wondering why the Santa Claus comes so early in Hungary, at the beginning of December (??), rather than as Father Christmas should, at Christmas (!!), the fact is that in Hungary, Santa Claus has a special day, Dec 6 (St Nikolaus’s day), while the Christmas presents in Hungary are brought by the Baby Jesus (or the Little Angel). Don’t ask how kids believe that a baby should be so strong. They do. So a proper Hungarian Santa Claus (Telapo aka Mikulas) should come around Dec 6.

Budapest Panorama Skating

One of the most scenic ice rinks in Budapest during the Christmas season is perhaps the Skating Rink at the Whale Winter Festival, located near the modern whale-shaped building, called “Balna”.
The Whale Winter Festival has opened its gates to let you skate along the river Danube while marvelling at the several beauties of Budapest’s century old UNESCO World Heritage sites, typically enjoyed from Budapest River Cruises.

Whale Winter Festival

The unmistakable whale shaped building of the glass covered Whale Event Hall & Whale Bistro are welcoming You for the Budapest Whale Winter Festival event series for the festive season. There are ongoing, varied winter programs and activities both inside the building, and in the Panorama Hall, culminating in the spectacular and fun Boogie & Swing New Year’s Eve Party on December 31.

There will be something for every age!

Ice Rink Highlights

Ice Skating Budapest Whale

Ice Skating Budapest Whale

  • Free entry to the ice skating rink
  • Amazing Danube view (UNESCO site)
  • Free concerts & music programs (Ice Disco)
  • Mulled Wine
  • Street Food
  • Affordable prices
  • Crafts Market
  • Interactive Play Centre for kids
  • Free 1 hour parking (weekdays + 2 hours weekends)

Winter Festival Program: Daily Schedule
Free Ice Skating with Panorama View
Interactive Crafts Play Centre for kids with Animators
Ice Disco from 6pm

Christmas Gift Making: the Crafts Play Centre of the Whale Winter Festival is aimed for families with kids who want to make Xmas gifts as crafts. There are various other children programmes.

Opening Hours

Budapest Panorama Skating

Budapest Panorama Skating

The Skating Rink Opening hours of the Winter Festival are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday 10 am – 10 pm (break for rink maintenance 2-3pm)
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 12 pm (midnight) (break for rink maintenance 2-3pm)
Mon – Sun: closed for ice rink maintenance

Festive Opening Hours:
24 Dec: 10 am – 2pm
25-26 Dec CLOSED
27-30 Dec 10 am – 10 pm
31 Dec 10 am – 6 pm
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve Party in Budapest Whale

NYE Swing Party in Budapest Whale

NYE Swing Party in Budapest Whale

Every afternoon between 14:00 and 15:00 the ice rink is closed due to ice maintenance.

Rental Prices for Skating Rink

HUF 1000 / 3 hours (approx. €3.5)
Deposit: HUF 10000 (approx. €35)

Miscellaneous info on skates for hiring:
Runner Ice Skates available from size 26
For smaller children double blade skates are also available (attachable to regular street shoes).

Address of Whale Winter Festival
Balna Budapest
District IX (Post code: 1093 Budapest)
11-12 Fovam Square

Other Ice Rinks in Budapest:

City Park Ice Rink Budapest

December Bath Party Szechenyi Spa Baths Budapest

Winter in Budapest cannot go without thermal baths, and parties! Cheer up, darkness is switched on earlier so parties can start earlier.

December Bath Party Szechenyi Spa Baths Budapest

Pre-NYE Bath Party in Szechenyi Baths

On December 30, 2017, you can be part of one of the biggest Cinetrip bath parties in Budapest. Cinetrip is the most awesomest party brand in Central Eastern Europe, be part of  its Cinetrip Winter Pool Party in Szechenyi Bath on pre New Year’s Eve in 2017. Let the warm waters, and the beats keep you warm. A party for a 2000 party folk, with mega sensations.

The annual pre New Year’s Eve Party in Budapest attracts young folks from all over the world, whose sole reason to visit Hungary and re-visit Budapest is to be part of the Cinetrip Winter Party edition. Great party. Period. Don’t forget your slippers, a thick towel big enough to cover you well (there are a few meters between the pool and the building to run). If you do forget, you can buy towels and robes on the spot.

DJs: the leading DJs of Hungary and the region

Early Bird Tickets (get lucky!): €50

Single Ticket: €60

Booking online in advance: Cinetrip Bath Party Booking

Hours: from 10:30 pm to 3 am

Have fun in Budapest!

Palace of Arts Budapest Christmas and New Year Concerts

The December programs in the Palace of Arts of Budapest range from classical Concerts, Concerts for Children and babies, as well as Nutcracker ballet and theatre shows.

National Theater and Palace of Arts Budapest Night

National Theater and Palace of Arts Budapest Night

There are high quality, wonderful performances and Concerts. No wonder, some of the events are already full house in early October!

Bookingyou can book tickets for the concerts.

We hope you will find something nice to do and see during your Christmas holiday, even though the Palace of Arts does not have events scheduled for Dec 24.

Any other day in December is usually filled with programs in the Palace of Arts.

Highlights in the Palace of Arts

Budapest Palace of Arts

Budapest Palace of Arts – Allesok Photography

Verdi: Traviata in Budapest Palace of Arts

Dec 15, 2018 from 6.55pm

Nutcracker Ballet in Budapest Palace of Arts

Dec 19, 2018 from 3pm and 7pm
Dec 20, 2018 from 10.30 am and 3pm

Christmas Classical Concert in Budapest Palace of Arts

Dec 23, 2018 from 7.30pm

New Year’s Concert – Haydn The Creation

Jan 1, 2019 from 7.30pm

Budapest has an amazing range of Nutcracker shows in December, from the ballet in the Opera House through the puppet show in the Budapest Puppet Theatre, to the show in the Palace of Arts. All venues are sold out despite the fact that these are traditional yearly events.

Nutcracker in Budapest Palace of Arts Christmas Shows

No Concerts and shows on Dec 24 but if you click on the link, we have collected lots of other things to do! Concerts, walks, dinners, tours.

Fishermans Bastion at Xmas

The Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the few Budapest attractions that are open all year round, even on public holidays like the days of Christmas. In fact, the Fisherman’s Bastion (Halaszbastya) is open all day and all night, from Monday to Sunday, which makes it one of the most easy attractions to fit in any Budapest itinerary, especially among your Budapest Christmas things to do list.

Fishermans Bastion at Xmas

Fishermans Bastion at Xmas – Ben G Hancock Photography

The Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the best lookout towers in Budapest where you can take panoramic photos from to capture the winter sights of the Pest side, like the Hungarian Parliament, the Gresham Palace, the domes of the St Stephen’s Basilica, the Chain Bridge over the river Danube, etc.

At Christmas, the Fisherman’s Bastion can seem quite deserted, which is ideal for those who do not like crowds of tourists flocking around a sight. However, around 11pm on Christmas Eve, people who wish to attend the Midnight Mass will start to slowly gather around the Matthias Church to get a good seat for the Holy Mass in time.

Opening hours:

24 December: 0-24 (free to enter)

25 December: 0-24 (free to enter)

26 December: 0-24 (free to enter)

31 December: 0-24 (free to enter)

1 January 2017: 0-24 (free to enter)