Erzsebet Square Christmas in Budapest

Erzsebet Square Christmas in Budapest

As Erzsebet Ter (Elisabeth Square) is one of the central hubs of the city of Budapest, no wonder that there are several events, programs on this square during the Advent weeks before Christmas too.

First of all, there is a smaller scale Budapest Christmas Fair on Erzsebet Square, which seems to be merged with the Christmas stalls of the Fashion Street and then onwards to the big Budapest Christmas market on Vorosmarty Square. These three Xmas sights are in theory 3 separate events but fuse into a continuous Christmas festival by proximity.

Then there is the Budapest Design Terminal, a center of contemporary design with frequent installations, exhibitions and fairs. Budapest Design Terminal Christmas comes in early December every year.

Club Aquarium, the underground trendy club on Erzsebet Square offers various programs and concerts for the younger generation, with hiphop, rock, punk, world music, rap, etc. events. Some of them are directly Christmas themed, but most simply offer the daily clubbing experience as a focal point of Budapest downtown nightlife. Here is a nice photo of the club / bar at night in chilly December weather in Budapest (in summer picture this place with hundreds of people happily enjoying the summer evenings with drinks and chats)

Elisabeth Square Budapest at Christmas

Elisabeth Square Budapest at Christmas – Krisztian Bodis Photography

In the background of the photo, you can see the domes and towers of the biggest Catholic cathedral in Budapest called the St Stephen’s Basilica (Szent Istvan Bazilika) where there is the Budapest Basilica Christmas market, within a few minutes walk from Erzsebet Square and Vorosmarty Square.


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