St Stephen’s Basilica Christmas Opening Hours

St Stephen’s Basilica Christmas Opening Hours

The biggest cathedral of Budapest, the St Stephen’s Basilica is one of the tenets of Christmas events in Budapest. In general, the masses / church services are held at 8:30am, 10am, 12pm (noon), and at 6pm in the Basilica of Budapest.

Budapest St Istvan Cathedral

Budapest St Istvan Cathedral

As you can expect, the Basilica has differing opening hours for tourists and for church goers. Please respect the church community during your visit.

Opening Hours of St Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

December 24

  • 3pm-4pm Bethlehem: the story of Bethlehem will be enacted (traditional Hungarian custom to act out the Nativity play, which is called ‘betlehemezes’ in Hungarian)
  • 12am, Christmas midnight mass at St Stephen Basilica. The midnight mass is usually 1 hour, and not aimed at tourists, but of course, you are free to attend if you wish to visit the mass for itself.

December 25, du 1pm – 5pm. Fun fact: This is also a special day in Hungary as St Stephen was crowned the first Hungarian king on either Dec 25 1000, or Jan 1 in the year 1001 (the beginning of the new year in medieval documents may refer to both)

December 26 du 1pm – 5pm

The church is called Szt Istvan Bazilika in Hungarian (named after St Stephen, the first king of Hungary)

Budapest Basilica

Budapest Basilica – Neil Howard Photography


When is there an English speaking mass on the 24th, 25th and or on the 26th?