Christmas Event at the Budapest Museum of Ethnography

Christmas Event at the Budapest Museum of Ethnography

The annual Christmas events at the Museum of Ethnography can be a nice experience during the Advent in Budapest, Hungary.

Hungarian Christmas

Hungarian Christmas Bethlehem Play from the 1900s

2012 Programs of the Museum of Ethnography Xmas events:

14:00 to 18:00, Dec 15 2012

Prices: HUF 1400 for adults, HUF 700 for kids.
Waiting for Christmas craft workshop
Making Christmas tree and interior ornaments, crafting Christmas gifts

All children and parents are welcome to create a lovely festive paper lamp, a traditional Hungarian maize husk angel, some simple Christmas tree decorations inspired by old Christmas motifs in Hungary, make Christmas greeting cards on colored cardboard or on soft metal plates, or even try to make a paper nativity scene as well.

15:30, Dec 15 2012
Christmas Advent
Guided Tour (although the guided tour is in Hungarian, there are many parts, e.g. the film screenings, you can enjoy without speaking a word in Hungarian)

Why you and I celebrate Christmas? Was there always a Christmas tree in the homes of families or is it a relatively new tradition? What Christmas gifts were given to Hungarian children, had there been a Xmas gift at all?
The Hungarian winter solstice festivities associated with Christmas are rich in faiths, beliefs and rituals. Hungarian folk songs, and exhibits will help to recall the old rustic Christmas feelings.

17:00, Dec 15 2012
The Garden of Upward Sounds
Songs of the Day Moon Band (HolddalaNap Band), special Christmas Concert

“Up runs the soul’s desire, wing many tremble in the sky atrium. Day in the West and the East, in ancient times and now in this place, poems and songs were set to their home country to run.” These up running poems inspired the band for their Christmas concert. The music is only acoustic, world music and folk music pieces.

You can hear Flamenco Christmas carols, Egyptian Coptic Christian songs, carols from Moldavia, along with the fast-paced songs of the Moon Day Band to which you can even dance.
The band members are outstanding musicians, folk musicians like Lydia Draskóczy, the Zurgó Orchestra violinist, Arpad Keresztes Nagy playing on koboz (and old string instument), Robert Vidak guitarist, who is one of the gems amongst Hungarian Flamencos guitarists, and Csaba Bakos young master of the Balkan rhythms. Do enjoy the rhythmic dance music, the simplicity and power of Hungarian folk music, flamenco and Balkan inspirations.

Bakos, Csaba – percussion
Draskóczy Lydia – violin
Anna’s Goulash – for
Arpad Nagy of the Cross – vocals, lute, flute
Robert Vida – Guitar

About the band: Facebook / Moon Day songs, / Moon Day Song


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