Budapest New Year Sparty 2013

Budapest New Year Sparty 2013

On December 30, 2013, you can be part of one of the biggest Cinetrip bath parties in Budapest, the pre New Year’s Eve pool sparty in Szechenyi Baths.

Cinetrip Future Disco Budapest Szechenyi Baths

Cinetrip Future Disco Budapest Szechenyi Baths

You could get easily warmed up for Budapest New Year’s Eve with a great party / sparty. Don’t forget your flip flops, and a thick towel big enough to cover you well (there are a few meters between the pool and the building to run). :)

Buying tickets for the New Year Party
Bonus tickets include Sparty towels, and some drinks too (4 Cocktails).

NYE Sparty Ticket Prices

  • 40 Euro – standard sparty ticket: party entry + locker for storage (no extra lock needed, your hand and your wrist band locks and unlocks the door)
  • 150 Euro – double sparty ticket with extras: 4 cocktails, 2 towels to keep, 1 lockable cabin in the baths (storage, changing, etc.), 2 gift bags with Sparty logo
Buying Bath Party Tickets Online

Booking online in advance: party tickets are limited.

DJs at Cinetrip Sparties

Cinetrip sparty DJs feature the best Hungarian DJs, and often foreign DJs show their talents at the parties. The most well known DJs in Hungary are: Palotai, Titusz, Superman, Waxman, Marvin, Crimson, Kevin, Naga, Kaszi

Brief Cinetrip Party History

Cinetrip is over 15 years old and its parties are absolutely stunning. More and more young people take a party weekend break in Budapest just to be part of this special experience.

Cinetrip parties have been in many Budapest baths and in other venues too.

Summer parties are in Szechenyi Baths, autumn, winter and spring parties in Lukacs Baths.

There are two Cinetrip parties in Budapest every year, one in summer (August) and one in winter (December).

The founding father is Laszlo Laki

Winter time? The water is warm! :)

Hours: from 10:30 pm to 3:30 am

Have fun in Budapest!

Mike Stanovsky

Baths are just something else in Budapest. Nothing like taking a dip in Széchenyi or Rudas after a day of client meetings. I’ve already booked my upcoming business trip and already secured my airport transfer. I’m staying close to Rudas so I’ll definitely give it a try this time around and these parties seem quite amazing. How much earlier should I book? Are there last minute tickets available?

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