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Are you visiting the 2012 Budapest Christmas Market this winter?

Budapest Christmas Market 2012

Budapest Christmas Market 2012

Are you curious what it may be like? We have gathered some fresh videos of the 2012 Budapest Christmas markets as a teaser. The videos are user made and uploaded videos, but still enjoyable.

Videos of Budapest St Stephen Cathedral Christmas Market 2012

Light Painting on the walls of the St Istvan Cathedral (Karácsonyi fényjáték a Bazilikánál 2012):

Videos of Budapest Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square

Laser lights projected on the building of Cafe Gerbeaud (the quality is not the greatest, but it gives a good feel for the atmosphere)

Christmas Concerts on Vorosmarty Square: all sorts of genres, mostly folk and world music but jazz, blues, swing, chanson, etc. are also on the menu

Madardal Folk Band Concert on Vorosmarty ter at the Budapest Christmas Market 2012

Tükezoo Concert on Vorosmarty Square Xmas Fair Budapest 2012


Christmas Lights in Budapest 2012 (the video was made on and around Vorosmarty Square, Vörösmarty tér, in downtown Budapest)

Budapest Christmas Tram (photo by MTI : Zoltan Balogh)

Budapest Christmas would not be complete without a bit of public transport in a Xmas mood: the Christmas streetcar / tram. One of the loveliest Budapest Christmas sights is the Budapest Christmas Streetcar number 2, and some more Budapest trams turned into a festive sight with many thousands of lights (approx. 39,200 white and blue LED lights).

Schedule in 2018

Dates: Nov 29, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019 (exceptions Dec 24, 31)

Budapest Christmas Streetcar

Budapest Christmas Streetcar – Mark Mervai Photography

There is no surcharge to travel on the Budapest Christmas Streetcar, you can use your Budapest Card or public transport travel pass, tickets as on any vehicles of the BKV company in Budapest. However, there will be special Christmas tram rides too (see details below). The trams are not well heated, so do get dressed well for the rides!

Buy Budapest Card

2018 Schedule of Christmas Trams in Budapest

The complete 2018 schedule of the Budapest Christmas trams has already been issued by the official Budapest public transportation company (BKK for short). The number 2 Tram – the scenic, award winning tram along the river Danube – will run daily during the Christmas holiday, beautifully lit.

Number 2 Tram  – occasional Christmas Trams

Number 4 Tram – occasional Christmas Trams

Number 14 Tram – occasional Christmas Trams

Number 47 Tram – occasional Christmas Trams

Trolleys lit up for Christmas are also scheduled for 2018!

Please take a look at the schedule below to get a rough idea of what to expect in 2018.

Schedule in 2018

Budapest Christmas Streetcars

2 Streetcar in Budapest at Christmas

Christmas Tram and Trolley Duo Budapest hamster

Christmas Tram & Trolley Duo Budapest – Photo from

There are streetcars bearing number 2 or 2A on their cars. Some of the trams 2A have been dressed up for Christmas. Tram 2A is running along the river Danube as if it was a land based Budapest river cruise.

Tram 2A leaves from Boraros square (Boráros tér) by Petofi Bridge (on the Pest side), which is the terminal of the 2A streetcar line. The other terminal of the 2A tram is Jaszai Mari Square (Jászai Mari tér) by the Margaret Bridge, where the Christmas streetcars await those waiting for a special journey.

Days in 2018:

December 2, from 5 pm until late evening
December 3, from 5 pm until late evening
December 4, from 5 pm until late evening
December 10, from 5 pm until late evening
December 11, from 5 pm until late evening
December 16, from 5 pm until late evening
December 17, from 5 pm until late evening
December 18, from 5 pm until late evening
December 23, from 5 pm until late evening
December 25, from 5 pm until late evening
December 30, from 5 pm until late evening
January 1, from 5 pm until late evening
January 6, from 5 pm until late evening

47 Streetcar in Budapest at Christmas

Budapest Christmas Tram

Budapest Christmas Tram – Mark Mervai Photography

The route of streetcar number 47 is from Deak Square, calling at Astoria stop, Kalvin Square stop (National Museum), Fovam Square (Budapest Market Hall: Central Market Hall), St Gellert Square (Gellert Bath, Gellert Hill), Bartok Bela Way (Cafe Hadik), Moricz Square. Tram number 47 leaves Deak Square (Deák Ferenc tér), while the trams will also run from the southern termainl in Budafok – in the south of Budapest (Torley Champagne Museum)

19 Streetcar in Budapest at Christmas

In addition to the Pest side ‘sightseeing streetcar’number 2A – 2A and 2 trams chosen as the most beautiful scenic streetcar routes in Europe by National Geographic magazine – you can also get a Christmassy ride on the Buda side, parallel with the river Danube promenade. The tram is number 19, whose scenic route starts from the Liberty Bridge (by Gellert Baths and Hotel Gellert), up until Batthyany Square, which is just opposite the Hungarian Parliament. Although the full route of tram 19 in Budapest is much longer, the most scenic part is between the Danube bridges.
You can take a festive tram trip 19 in December from the two terminals or at any of the tram stops. The Christmas trams will leave Batthyany Square (Batthyány tér) and the other terminal Kelenfold Train Station (Kelenföldi pályaudvar)

Schedule in 2018

Christmas Streetcar Tram Fenyvillamos Budapest 2015

Christmas Tram Budapest Tibor Illyes / MTI Photo

Special Budapest Christmas Tram Rides

The special rides are longer and special fees are charged for them by Budapest BKV company.

Two festive Christmas Light Trams will leave Boraros Square (Petofi Bridge) on certain days in December with a special fare. For instance, the Christmas Light Tram will take a ride to the Buda hills on a designated day (Huvosvolgy, Farkasret, Kamaraerdo), and another to the outskirts of Pest side of Budapest (Pesterzsebet, Kispest and Pestlorinc). Both night Light Trams leave at 9 pm and will wander about in the night (tram fans in Hungary love these night rides).

Please note that there are no Christmas trams on Dec 24 (Szenteste / Holy Night), and on New Year’s Eve in Budapest (Dec 31).

Schedule in 2018


Budapest Christmas Cruises (Dec 24, 25, 26)

Budapest New Year Cruise (Dec 31)

Mark Mervai Photography (beautiful Budapest photos)

Source for 2018: Budapest BKK Facebook page

general information waited to be published by Source: Christmas news. BKV is the official public transport company in Budapest, Hungary.

The Nutcracker Festival of the Budapest Opera House launches at the end of November or early December. There is a 30 meter majestic Christmas tree set up in front of the Hungarian State Opera House as well as a small wooden booth selling hot drinks in the afternoon. The Nutcracker Festival of the Budapest Opera will last until the end of December.

Nutcracker Festival Budapest Opera

Concerts by Budapest Opera

There are several open air concerts scheduled for the festival, which are free. In addition to the official chorus of the Budapest Opera, including its children’s choir, further 17 choirs (like the School Choir of St. Stephen’s High School, or the School Choir of the Bela Bartok Secondary School) lined up to perform Christmas concerts in front of the Budapest Opera House (until December 23).

Christmas at Budapest Opera

Christmas at Budapest Opera – Pal Csillag Photography

The choirs will sing in front of the theater, to the right of the word Sphinx statue.

The date of the official opening ceremony of the Budapest Nutcracker Festival changes from year to year. Please check on the site of the Opera House the exact date this year.

Hot Drink Booth by the Opera

In the elegant and stage prop like Christmas Booth of the Budapest Nutcracker Festival you can buy mulled wines, or hot tea. This is a charity booth. Besides the hot drinks, you can buy little gifts from Russia and France, the two outstanding countries of ballet. All the proceedings of the charity booth will be given to the Ecumenical Organization (Ökumenikus Segélyszervezet) to help families and children living in poverty and need.

The Nutcracker ballet has been performed in the Budapest Opera House for over 60 years now with great success, and international acclaim.


7 Nutcracker Installations by the Budapest Opera


Budapest Nutcracker Festival Installations

Budapest Nutcracker Festival Installations – source:

On Karoly korut (Karoly ring road) and by the Opera House you can see special installations. Old style cylindrical news posts turned into artsy displays: the decade old props and figures of the Nutcracker shows of past years have been included in the transparent posts to call attention to the Nutcracker Festival, like the Mouse King, the Nutcracker, the Ballerina, Drosselmayer, etc.

On some evenings of December , at the open air Christmas concert (dubbed the Kiskaracsony or Little Christmas concert) more than 1,600 people with disabilities have been invited to participate in the Budapest Christmas festivities and the Nutcracker Festival of the Hungarian State Opera House.

The concerts of the Nutcracker Festival are around 6 pm, and from 5 to 6pm, you can buy your hot drinks from some of the singers, artists and ballet dancers of the Opera House.

We have been walking around the Budapest Christmas Markets this year to take a look at the amazing gingerbread Christmas tree decorations, some of them with Hungarian folk motifs and a Hungarian twist. On a traditional Hungarian Christmas tree, you can always find some Christmas Candy, the Szaloncukor, and often see home made gingerbread Christmas tree ornaments, often made together with the kids. Or, bought at the Budapest Christmas Fair. Like these beauties.

You can see many of the Hungarian gingerbread Christmas tree decorations here: Hungarian Folk Motifs on Christmas decorations

Hungarian Folk Motifs on Christmas decorations

Hungarian Folk Motifs on Christmas gingerbread decorations

If you want to do some gingerbread decorations yourselves with the children, there is a playhouse in the middle of Vorosmarty Square at the Budapest Christmas market where you can join the locals to do some Xmas workshops, like decorating gingerbread hearts, bells, etc. The playhouse is open in the afternoons and at the weekends. Free to join.

These are some that we liked most. Please send in your photos of the gingerbread Christmas decorations you liked most to BudapestChristmas [at] gmail [dot] com.


Chocolate tour, chocolate tasting and gifts handed over by Santa Claus in the Chocolate Museum of Budapest, one of the kids favourites amongst Budapest Museums.

Santa Claus at Budapest Chocolate Museum

Santa Claus at Budapest Chocolate Museum

Dates for Chocolaty Tours:


December 1 – 6

Prices: approx. HUF 3,990

Drop-ins: not accepted, as each festive program goes fully booked up, from Santa Claus to Christmas.

Chocolate Tasting Tours on certain Saturdays and Sundays in December. Please check the official website for details.

Tickets include the many sorts of chocolates. You need to register for the event beforehand (no drop-ins are accepted due to the limited numbers)

Phone: +36 1 401 5000
+36 1 401 5006
+36 1 401 5020


Address (quite away from the city center of Budapest): Budapest, District XVI, 22 Bekecs Street

Official website: Csokolade