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The light painting show was specifically designed for the St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest for the Christmas festivities. The 3D projection laser ray show was part of the first Christmas Market at the Basilica in Budapest (Szt Istvan Bazilika) organized in 2011.

And from the side angle:

Light painting has been popular in Hungary for the last decade or so, but only in 2011 did the Christmas markets in Budapest discover it as a means of celebration and festive entertainment.

The building of Cafe Gerbeaud, one of the oldest cafes in Budapest, lends itself to the festive Christmas moments. For some years, its windows were the windows of a gigantic Advent calendar. In recent years, however, the front of the building is painted with light rays accompanied with Christmas music. This video is of the light painting show (fényfestés) from 2011, just a short detail of the daily laser ray show. See more info, important dates and things to do at the Budapest Christmas Fair on Vorosmarty Square.