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handmade chocolates from Cafe Gerbeaud

Budapest is one of the gems of the European Christmas Market Tours offered by various companies. One of them has made a short video of what to take home with you as Christmas gifts from the cities where the Xmas cruise in Europe stops at, like the Sacher torte from Vienna, or the handmade chocolates from Cafe Gerbeaud.

handmade chocolates from Cafe Gerbeaud

Handmade chocolates in wooden box from Cafe Gerbeaud, Budapest

Indeed, if you want to take home something elegant, and Hungarian as an affordable Christmas gift, the chocolates of the 19th century popular cafe and confectionery, simply called ‘the Gerbeaud’ by locals, will make anyone happy. Delicious, beautifully and elegantly wrapped in a wooden box.

You cannot miss Cafe Gerbeaud in the heart of the city on Vorosmarty Square, the square where the biggest and oldest Budapest Christmas Market can be found: Christmas Fair Vorosmarty Square.

Try their hot chocolate if you don’t want to drink the mulled wine of the Christmas market.
As you sail with the Viking river cruise visiting the European Christmas markets, each new day brings a different port, a different city, and different traditions. Also the new port cities offer plenty of time for shopping. Join Karine from Viking River Cruise is as sharing her favorite sweet gifts to be found in Passau, (Germany) Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary). At the end of the video you can see the beautiful Chain Bridge spanning the river Danube in Budapest.

Another good Xmas gift idea, is another Hungarian sweets, the masterful marzipan delicacies of Szamos, like the fancy fondant candy, which Hungarians traditionally put on the Christmas tree as a decor, the ‘szaloncukor’ from Szamos (yummy marzipan!).

The building of Cafe Gerbeaud, one of the oldest cafes in Budapest, lends itself to the festive Christmas moments. For some years, its windows were the windows of a gigantic Advent calendar. In recent years, however, the front of the building is painted with light rays accompanied with Christmas music. This video is of the light painting show (fényfestés) from 2011, just a short detail of the daily laser ray show. See more info, important dates and things to do at the Budapest Christmas Fair on Vorosmarty Square.