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The Opera House in Budapest is a must see during your Christmas holidays, or winter visit in Budapest, even if you are not an opera sort of visitor.

Christmas at Budapest Opera House

Christmas at Budapest Opera House

In late November, the Budapest Opera has its huge Christmas tree standing in its luxurious hall at the lavishly decorated main stairway.

Luckily the Hungarian Opera House is open even at Christmas, and throughout December. This makes the Opera House one of the best Hungarian Christmas gifts. Getting a ticket for the Christmas performances is not easy, so do book in advance via online.

Budapest Opera Christmas opening hours

Budapest Opera in December, 2018:

Dec 24, 2018: The Nutcracker Ballet
Dec 25, 2018: The Nutcracker, La Boheme
Dec 26, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 27, 2018: The Nutcracker, La Boheme
Dec 28, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 29, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 30, 2018: The Nutcracker
Dec 31, 2018: The Nutcracker, Die Fledermaus

Budapest Nutcracker Festival

  • free Christmas concerts in Budapest
  • Hot Drinks booth by the Budapest Opera
  • Christmas Installations of Nutcracker Ballet

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La Boheme Budapest Opera House Christmas

If you want to celebrate Christmas at the Opera House in Budapest, you may still book some tickets for the Christmas opera performances of La Bohéme by Puccini.

La Boheme Budapest Opera House Christmas

La Boheme Budapest Opera House Christmas

The opera will be performed in four acts and three parts oOn December 25 and December 26, from 7 pm to 10 pm. There will be two different casts and conductors on Dec 25 and 26.

Booking online is on the ticket agency website,

Booking for Dec 25 Tuesday
Booking Opera Dec 25
Booking for Dec 26 Wednesday

Booking Opera Dec 26

Dates of La Bohéme at the Budapest Opera House in December 2012

1. December 2012. | Saturday
2. December 2012. | Sunday
4. December 2012. | Tuesday
7. December 2012. | Friday
8. December 2012. | Saturday
13. December 2012. | Thursday
15. December 2012. | Saturday
22. December 2012. | Saturday
25. December 2012. | Tuesday
26. December 2012. | Wednesday
30. December 2012. | Sunday

This is a short video of the La Bohéme performance at the Hungarian Opera House in Budapest in 2007, and we can only agree with one of the commenters of the video “Tokody is a national treasure of Hungary”. In 2012 on Dec 25 and Dec 26 you will not see Ilona Tokody as Mimi, but the opera performance will be beautiful nevertheless!:
Ilona Tokody (Mimi) Puccini: La Boheme