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Anime Christmas organized by the Manga Fan MondoCon is both a Christmas Fair and a Christmas Festival for manga and anime fans in Hungary and tourists visiting Budapest.

Anime Christmas Budapest

Anime Christmas Budapest

Enjoy the company of like minded young guys and girls.

The annual event (5th in a row) is held at Budapest Millenaris Park in 2012 too.

Venue: Millenaris Park, Hall B, Budapest District I,

Date: December 8, 2012 from 10:00 to 20:00

Tickets: HUF 1,500


varied programs at the Anime Christmas event

  • Cosplay competitions
  • Drawing contest in anime / manga themes and inspirations
  • Haiku competition
  • Short story writing contest
  • AMV contest
  • New manga / anime editions
  • Consol games
  • DDR
  • Anime and manga Xmas Fair
  • etc.


2012 New Year’s Eve Party Budapest Millenaris Park with a mixture of good local music, like the indie rock Hungarian band, Quimby, or the jazz and blues music masters, the Hungarian Jambalaya bringing a bit of New Orleans to Budapest, or Intim Torna Illegal, also DJ Budapest Nufolk Revolution and DJ Infra Gandhi.

Jambalaya Band

Jambalaya Band

Date: December 31, 2012

Venue: Millenaris Park

Some videos as a teaser taster

Quimby: I Cannot Find You Anywhere

Intim Torna Illegal: Make a Hole in the Bath

Jambalaya: I am Broke and I’m Hungry

Alma Band is one of the top children bands in Hungary with major hits and a long history. They will surely cheer up your kids before Christmas as a part of their Christmas Concert in Budapest on Dec 22.

Alma Band Budapest

Alma Band Budapest

Before the concert, there will be various crafts workshops, so if you arrive at 10 am for the Christmas is Coming event (Karacsonyvaro) at Millenaris Park, you can let the children enjoy some hands on activities (making Christmas decorations, tales for the tiny ones (0-1 year old). The concert is suitable for ages from babies up to 8-10 years old children.

Date: 11 am, Dec 22, 2012

Venue: Millenaris Park, Budapest


Chocolate Christmas Concert in Budapest, Millenaris Park, as part of the Millenaris Christmas event series on the Buda side of Budapest, at the foot of the Buda Castle Hill.

Chocolate Christmas Concert in Budapest

Chocolate Christmas Concert in Budapest

Chocolate concert (Csokikoncert) is a well known, popular music series for children in Budapest. The venues of the Chocolate concerts change (Opera House, Millenaris Park, Palace of Arts, Allee Shopping Mall, etc.), but one thing is sure. Kids love them, and so will you. The aim of Csokikoncert is to make kids love classical music in a playful way, with lots of toys, prompts, and other programs, like Face Painting, Crafts Workshops, etc. Free to enter! Can you just not go? :)

To boot, the In Medias Brass Quintet brass band will also perform good songs.

Date: 10 am, December 23 2012
Venue: Millenaris Park, Budapest, on the Buda side
(getting there: M2 red metro line to Szell Kalman Square, or the streetcar on the big ring road, Tram 4 or 6 to Szena Square)

Agi Szaloki, one of the most famous Hungarian folk singers will give a Christmas Folkish Concert at Millenaris Park performing her favourite Christmas songs, Budapest.

Szalóki Ági Öröme az égnek, ünnepe a földnek

Szalóki Ági Öröme az égnek, ünnepe a földnek

Her Christmas album entitled Joy of the Skies, Celebration of the Earth was influenced by a wide range of music genres besides traditional Hungarian folk music (also influenced by the classics and more modern music, like Bach, American Jazz, etc.)

Date: 7 pm 22 December, 2012
Venue: Millenaris Park, Budapest, Buda side

This is one of our favourite Christmas songs from Ági Szalóki: