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Obuda Christmas Market 2012 is a much awaited Christmas market, mostly known by locals, but less by Budapest expats and tourists visiting Hungary.

Obuda Christmas Market Budapest

Obuda Christmas Market Budapest

While the Advent Fair is an all day event, the weekends offer special concerts and performances on top of the daily markets, smith shows, etc. On weekdays (from Monday to Friday) you can see some programs from 4 pm (e.g. the performances of local schools, kindergartens, clubs, etc. like the traditional Bethlehem play by Hungarian school children, choirs singing etc.)

Let’s quickly add that while the market in Obuda is open from December 1 to 23, the skating rink on Fo Square (Fő tér) is open from Dec 1 to Dec 31, from 8 am to 8 pm.

You can take a peak at how Obuda is preparing for the Advent Fair on Fo Square in Obuda district (District III, Fő tér)

Here are some of the events of the Obuda Christmas Market in the Old Buda district of Budapest (District III, by Arpad Bridge)

December 1, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair


11:00 The devil and the fairy – Andrea Malek and Eva Korpas concert

16:00 – Concert by Csintekerinto Band, Szilvia Bognar and his Band

18:00 Opening Ceremony

The Magma Fire Theatre performance

Balazs Bus, mayor of Obuda-Békásmegyer gives a ceremonial speech

Skating rink Initiation

Concert: Good Tidings – the opening concert of Kaláka World Music Band (a huge favorite of locals)
Kalaka is one of our favourites too, listen to this beautiful song (“Somebody is walking atop the trees” poem by Sandor Kanyadi, music by Kalaka Band):

December 2, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair


11:00 the concert and show of the Folk Music School in Óbuda: singing together for the Advent

15:00 Travel Mail Concert by the MagyarVista Social Club (inspired by the Buena Vista Social Club)

16:00 Waiting for Santa’s elves with Finnish Lessons to learn the song for Santa Claus – Broccoli and Rocket, alias Bela Agoston singer. The clown and the music clown accompanied by the Ilona Andor School children’s choir

16:30 Youlupukki, the real Santa Claus from Finland arrives

18:00 Veni, Veni, Emmanuel – Bolyki brothers singing a capella

The first Advent candle lights are lit by Dr. Vilmos Khirer papal prelate, Hon. canon, judicial vicar

This is a video of the Bolyki Brothers Christmas Concert at the Obuda Christmas Market:

December 8, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair

 December 8 SATURDAY

11:00 Music Fairy – tale of Esther chain band

16:00 Singing Santa – Gryllus Vilmos concert

18:00 Winter sunshine – Day concert

December 9, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair

December 9 SUNDAY

11:00 Folk Music School in Óbuda the show – singing together for the Advent

16:00 Concert: I am bringing Fire – Agnes Herczku and her Band

18.00 The great Music Mountain – Lovasi and the accidental (Helicon Audio Book Series)

The second Advent candle lights are lit by Mihaly Varga minister


Christmas Skating in Budapest

Christmas Skating in Budapest

December 15, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair

December 15 SATURDAY

11:00 – Toldi, the story of a Hungarian hero shown by Gabor Boka in an old style of retro movies at fairs and markets (story told in pictures)

16:00 Concert (New Folk style): Start of Life – Budapest Nufolk Revolution

18.00 announcing the winners of the Christmas tree decorating competition and drawing competition. Delivering the Xmas gifts and the Christmas toy collections to needy children. On stager: Balazs Bus, Óbuda-Békásmegyer Mayor (the mayor of District III)

18:30 Concert: Pearls to Men by the Mistral Band

December 16, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair

December 16 SUNDAY

11:00 Folk Music School in Óbuda the show – singing together for the Advent

16:00 Shepherds, wake up! – Bela Szerenyi and his family

18:00 Concert (world music, raggie folk) Hear, Nazarene? – Gyorgy Ferenczi and Rackajam Band

The third Advent candle lights are lit by Elizabeth Menczer, Member of Parliament

Christmas Concert in Budapest Obuda

Christmas Concert in Budapest Obuda

December 22, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair

December 22 SATURDAY

11:00 Come to Bethlehem with us! – Gyöngyi Écs and Marcell Kovats performs a fabulous interactive story for children

16:00 Concert: Kétháné – by the Romengó Band

18:00 – Concert: Playing at Christmas – by the Sebő Band (Ferenc Sebo)

December 23, 2012: Obuda Christmas Fair

December 23 SUNDAY

11:00 Folk Music School in Óbuda the show – singing together for the Advent

16:00 Concert by the Buda Folk Band: Frequent Wanderers’ Christmas

18:00 Concert by Kalaka Band: Can I Come in with the Bethlehem? – The final concert of the Advent Fair in Obuda is performed by Kaláka

The fourth Advent candle lights are lit by Bela P. Abraham SDB Salesian Provincial

Christmas Market Budapest Obuda

The Advent Fair in Obuda (Old Buda) is a lesser known but beautiful Christmas Market in Budapest held during the Advent weekends, where you will find lots of locals but very few tourists. So if you prefer to visit off the beaten track, secret Budapest events, non-touristy places on your Budapest visit, head to Old Buda by the Arpad Bridge on the Buda side.

Advent in Obuda Budapest

Advent in Obuda Budapest

While most tourists and locals flock to the Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square, or to the St Stephen’s Basilica Christmas Market, both in the heart of Budapest, many locals will head to the Christmas market in Old Buda (District III of Budapest) to avoid the crowds, tourists, and feel the Advent market atmosphere as if visiting the Fair in a small town.

Obuda Advent Market

Obuda Christmas market is from Nov 30 – Dec  23, 2018

The historical Fo Square in Obuda definitely has a small town feeling, and is well worth the detour to join the Christmas events and activities, especially if there is a superb concert given by one of the best Hungarian bands. There are special programs (concerts, puppet shows, etc.) at the 4 Advent weekends. The programs usually start after 1 pm and are until 6-7pm.

Free Skating Rink

An artificial skating rink awaits visitors at the Advent market in Obuda. You can use it free of charge. Skates can be rented at a very affordable price (approx. HUF 600 for adults and HUF 400 for children)

Crafts Fair

Browse and buy some handcrafts at the Obuda Christmas Market.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday  2pm – approx. 9 pm
Friday – Sunday  10am – approx. 10 pm
Closed on Dec 24

If your time allows, do visit Obuda Christmas fair too, not only the fair on Vörösmarty square and the Christmas market by the St Istvan Basilica.

Pony at the Budapest Christmas Fair

Pony at the Budapest Christmas Fair

Old Buda (Óbuda in Hungarian) is the old part of Buda town (the hilly side of BUDApest), established by the Romans as a border town. Aquincum, the Roman ruins of Old Buda can still be seen, and its museum is worth a visit if you like history, antiquity and the Roman era. It takes approx, 20-30 min to get to the Xmas Fair in Obuda from the city center of Budapest. The Christmas Market will take place in the nice Main Square (Fő tér) of Obuda, which is a short ride from downtown Budapest.

When is the Advent Fair in Obuda, Budapest?

The market is open during the Advent period, with many events at the weekends (from Friday evening to Sunday evening). The Christmas market in Obuda usually starts late November, and features many nice folk, jazz, world music concerts, dozens of Xmas market stalls with nice hand crafted gifts, toys, jewelries, clothes, etc. and of course lots of yummy foods (traditional Hungarian snacks, blood pudding, live pudding, Christmas pastries, sweets, etc.).

Christmas Activities at the Advent Fair in Obuda, Budapest

Budapest Christmas market skating rink

Budapest Christmas market skating rink

Besides eating traditional Hungarian delicacies and sampling the local beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, from mulled wines, palinka to cordial), or buying gifts what else can you do at the Christmas Fair in Óbuda? Children can pet animals in the small petting stable (e.g. the pony). All who like skating will enjoy the artificial rink at the Obuda Christmas Market.

Amd of course you can enjoy the Christmas Concerts in Obuda! Concerts for the big and the small, by the big and the small. And puppet theater performances, folk dance shows (yes, even in freezing winter time). Let’s see some of the bands and performers at the Óbuda Advent Market.

Christmas Concerts at the Xmas Fair in Obuda

Each weekend during the Advent period, from late November, to mid December, will bring some nice concerts. The Christmas concerts are varied in their genre: ragtime, world music, jazz or folk music are mostly on the menu.

Concerts can start at midday (12 pm), 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm. Usually on the hour, almost every hour – on Saturdays and Sundays. Some of the Hungarian bands that were playing at former Obuda Christmas markets in Budapest are Mistral, Veronika Harcsa Jazz Quartet, Hot Jazz Band, Budapest Ragtime Band, Kalaka, Balazs Szabo Band, Kerekes Folk Band, the fantastic Besh o droM, the wine singers of Vivat Bacchus, Cimbaliband, the Christmas Carols performed by Nagykovacsi Choir, the Xmas concert of the Bra­un­hax­ler Dal­kör, Martina Kiraly jazz concert, Budapest Show Choir, Tulipant Folk Band, Buda Folk Band, Gyorgy Ferenczi and the Rackajam (lively world music), etc. There are many children choirs singing Christmas songs around midday, like the Agi Kemeny Children Choir, the Kicsi Rigók (Little Blackbirds) Children Choir, etc.

What we especially like about the Christmas market in Old Buda district on the Fo Square is that locals are more intensively participating in the Advent market, by making Christmas cakes and bringing other home made foods to share. Share the peace and joy as well as our old traditions and future merriments.

The official website of Obuda Advent Market is here.